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Serendipity on the Skirfare

Posted on March 24, 2021


One of the most exciting and heartening aspects of our work is when ‘word of mouth’ contacts help to spread the love for rivers a little further. Here is such a tale from the Dales

Fishing escapes with the Wild Trout Trust Auction

Posted on March 22, 2021

Fishing escapes with the Wild Trout Trust Auction

Most of us are longing to escape to a river or lake and spend the day fishing, but with so much uncertainty around you might feel it is hard to plan to get away for more than a day. Why not use the Wild Trout Trust Auction map to help you find your escape?

The map can point to you to fishing days close to home - just zoom in and click the points on the map to go to the Lot description and bidding.

Late Lots for the WTT Auction

Posted on March 18, 2021

Late Lots for the WTT Auction

Sometimes as the catalogue lands on our member’s door mats, it inspires one or two to make a late donation. Just as exciting, just as valuable but not previously seen in the catalogue. List of 11 'Late Lots' below.

Bidding starts on the morning of Friday 19th and closes the evening of Sunday 29 March. 

TWIST: Do you want to help look after urban rivers in Somerset?

Posted on March 02, 2021

TWIST: Do you want to help look after urban rivers in Somerset?

The Wild Trout Trust’s new TWIST (Transforming Waterways In Somerset Towns) project is an idea that aims to improve the health of urban rivers and streams in Cheddar, Wookey, Wookey Hole, Wells, Shepton Mallet and Croscombe.

Historically, most of the rivers which drain the hills around Somerset have been exploited for their water – first by mills, and then by towns which grew up around them. But far too often, these urban developments have left their rivers polluted, covered in concrete, broken up by weirs, and speeding water down to pinch points where flooding is even more of a problem.

AMBER - Reconnecting Rivers

Posted on February 05, 2021

Our rivers are fragmented by weirs, hydropower, culverts and fords that fragment waterways, isolate habitats and weaken wildlife populations. The AMBER programme is helping to re-connect hundreds of kilometres of rivers, improve fish migration, and develop tools to help manage European rivers in the future.

Trout in the Town: have you got your official accreditation yet?

Posted on October 23, 2020

Trout in the Town: have you got your official accreditation yet?

if you attended our Urban Conclave in Stalybridge last September, and saw the launch of WTT’s Trout in the Town Urban River Toolkit, you might remember that we also announced a new nationwide accreditation scheme for all our urban river groups.

Like so much else this year, this initiative has been held up by the Covid-19 pandemic, but we’ve now sent out accreditation forms to urban river projects all over the country.

Delighted of Dauber Gill

Posted on October 19, 2020


Nidderdale Angling Club was the recipient of an advisory visit from WTT in 2011. That report resurfaced in 2018 and prompted several members of the committee to contact local Conservation Officer, Jonny Grey, to prioritise plans and initiate some action. Like many clubs, historic decisions to stock the river were being scrutinised, and votes were cast to divert money previously spent on adding fish, into habitat rehabilitation instead to nurture the wild fish populations more sustainably....

Another Baffle-ing Year for Woodplumpton Brook!

Posted on June 10, 2020

Electrofishing QM1920

Regular readers of the blog will know that, every year, Queen Mary University of London buys out some of my time and expertise from WTT to give their aquatic ecology MSc students practical training and experience in the field. Despite all the recent challenges impacting their year of study, some of the students have found the time to analyse the data and write us a guest blog to update the Woodplumpton Brook story....