River Ecclesbourne, Snake Lane fish pass

The objective of this project was to open up 10km of habitat for salmon, trout and other fish by creating create a rock ramp’ by-pass to a very large weir. Salmon had been spotted spawning below the weir and whilst salmon often get most of the attention, it is important that other fish are able to move up and down stream too. All trout migrate up and downstream as part of their lifecycle. Small fish such as bullhead and minnows have a vital role to play in the whole river ecosystem, providing food for birds such as kingfishers, for instance. The weir was an effective barrier to wildlife, with 16 species of fish below the Snake Lane weir, but only 8 above. 

The work has been funded by the Environment Agency and we are working with Ace Nature on the communication aspects of this project. The menu below gives access to videos, photos and other information about the project provided by Ace Nature. 

A press release about the project can be downloaded here.