Project archive

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Projects mentioned in blog and news posts:

Eastburn Beck, Yorkshire. 

River Dove in Dovedale, Derbyshire

Older projects: 

River Bain

Etwall Brook

Anglian Sea Trout Project

South Coast Sea Trout Project

Pickering Beck

Pont and Blyth Project

Upper Itchen

River Gwash

River Great Stour, Kent

Presentations about projects

A video of a presentation by WTT Conservation Tim Jacklin, describing some of the major river restoration projects carried out by him with the support of multiple partners on lowland rivers in East Anglia. Rivers Glaven, Bain and Witham.

A video of a presentation by WTT Conservation Officer Andy Thomas. Andy tells us about just some of his work in Southern England and East Anglia with the provision of new habitat for south coast sea trout as well as big lowland river trout in Suffolk. Oh, and he catches a 4 x 4 offroader’s vehicle in his new seatrout pool too!