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Trout in the Town is the Wild Trout Trust's programme that helps urban communities engage with and care for their local stream or river.

Do you want help and support in your fight for an urban river? Email Paul on

Salford walled corridorTrout in the Town is looking for unloved streams where YOU live. We want to help as many people as we can restore and protect the wildlife haven corridors that run through the areas that we, as a society, have built on, in and over! 

If you know about a river that is struggling to recover from its recent industrial history – get in touch and we can help you to get it on the road to recovery.
Alternatively, perhaps your river is already thriving – but suffers from abuse or apathy from the local community. This is very common due to the terribly degraded states of many urban watercourses – even up until very recent years.
Either way, the WTT can connect people all across the UK who are fighting for their own local stream. We can also offer free support and technical guidance – as well as offering partnership opportunities in more ambitious projects that require funding bid applications.

We already offer help and support to groups across the UK with advice and practcial help. Click here for examples of Trout in The Town projects or look on the map.
urban conclave
Every two years we run an 'Urban Conclave' which allows project leaders to get together and share ideas.

Paul Gaskell with urban wild trout




Many Trout in the Town projects are featured in an excellent book about fishing in urban rivers by Theo Pike, 'Trout in Dirty Places' . Theo is Chairman of the Wandle Trust and he and the Trust were the inspiration behind the Trout in the Town programme. Click here to buy a copy of the book . A donation from all sales goes to the WTT.

Whether you are an existing community group or angling club or whether you are interested in forming a group to look after your local urban river – we can help you.

 A video of one group supported by Trout in the Town shows members volunteering to maintain a fish pass – and shows the wild fish that will benefit from their efforts:

Latest news and current issues is available via the Trout in the Town blog.

Also check out the wealth of advice in our Urban river restoration manual that we have produced based on our experiences with Trout in the Town group. You can buy a CD copy of the manual in our shop or down the PDF files from our library.

Do you have a project that fits in with the aims of Trout in the Town?
All the usual support mechanisms provided by us for advice and practical help are always available for urban as well as rural streams. If you have a stream (and perhaps even one or two potential volunteers to help you) that you’d like advice and help on – get in touch with Paul Gaskell on 07919 157 267 (or email and we will see what can be done. For a summary of the most common support we are involved with, click here.

For established groups – here is an example of how Trout in the Town guidance can help you demonstrate the impacts that your efforts are having.
Without some simple “before and after” measurements, there is no indication of whether all your hard work has been worthwhile. In all cases (and especially for volunteer work forces), great satisfaction can be gained from the certain knowledge that habitat works have had a positive effect.

Similarly, measuring project success demonstrates what has been achieved with monies donated by funding bodies -   very important when seeking more funding. Clear demonstrations of what is likely to be achieved using benefactors’ money are crucial in securing financial support for conservation projects. 
Perhaps most importantly of all, monitoring the effects of habitat improvements helps to build knowledge of  “best practice” techniques – promoting  the wider use of good practices, and  curtailing the use of poor practice.

Click here for the monitoring summary and here for more detailed guidance.  You can also navigate through the summary slide show below, using the arrows at the bottom of the frame:                                                                     

Trout in the Town was featured on two of Martin James's BBC Radio Lancashire At the Water's Edge angling programmes.

In the first programme, Martin interviewed project manager Paul Gaskell.  The next programme featured Andy Pritchard of Colne Water Angling Club in East Lancashire, one of the clubs taking part in Trout in the Town.

BBC Radio Lancashire have kindly given permission to reproduce the interviews on You Tube.

Want help and support in your fight for an urban river? Email Paul on

No spare time to volunteer? – Help urban rivers by donating to support their care: Donate to WTT