Advice and Practical Help

General advice and support

WTT’s team of eight full and part-time Conservation Officers, based across England, provide advice about the management of rivers and lakes through advisory visits, e-mail and phone. They also collaborate in the development and delivery of partnership projects with a wide range of organisations including fishing clubs, rivers and wildlife trusts and government agencies.
If you’d like our support or discuss how we might help you, contact details for our team are available here.

Manuals and guides 

We have a comprehensive set of manuals and guides which are designed to help people to carry out habitat improvement and management. These are practical ‘how to’ guides and come in a variety of formats – book, CD, downloadable PDF and video. Visit the WTT section of our library to download or order these guides.  

Advisory Visits

Advisory Visits  (AVs)provide expert, practical advice to individuals or organisations that have responsibility for a stretch of river or a lake which is, or should be, wild trout habitat.  

Our Conservation Officers will walk your stretch of river with you and discuss how you can best manage and improve the habitat. They will give you a report with recommendations and advice on techniques consents and project funding. This report is usually the basis of a habitat improvement project or change in habitat management – more than 90% of our AVs result in practical action.

Advisory visits in England are largely funded by the Environment Agency through rod licence revenues.

The visits and the report are FREE; you only pay travel expenses.
We also carry out visits in Wales, Scotland and Ireland and these are also free subject to funds being available (they usually are!).

If you would like an Advisory Visit, send an email to or write to the WTT office at PO Box 120, Waterlooville, PO8 0WZ with a request for support and a short summary of the location and current management of the site.

Copies of Advisory Visit reports are held on this website here

Project Proposals

Our Conservation Officers also write-up Project Proposals, reports more in-depth than AVs, detailing methods for particular enhancement projects. Very often, our Project Proposals form the basis of applications to the regulatory authorities for practical in-river habitat enhancement work.

River Habitat Workshops and Practical Visits

Practical Visits follow on from Advisory Visits and are mainly intended as hands-on training sessions, teaching the use of tools and techniques for habitat improvement and management. We will work with you on and in your river to help get you started on your habitat improvement project or show you how to best carry out habitat management.

For more details of these, click here.