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About the Wild Trout Trust

Wild trout are iconic indicators of the health of the river and its wildlife.
The Wild Trout Trust team are experts in river habitat. They spend over 1000 days a year on the river bank or in the river, giving practical advice and delivering habitat projects in partnership with landowners and many other organisations.

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With a focus on practical advice and project work, a small and expert team and very low overheads, we use our funds wisely to deliver real improvements to river habitat for the benefit of trout and all wildlife.
Become a member of WTT and you will be joining a like-minded group striving for wild trout conservation and keen on wild trout fishing. Members receive a copy of our excellent annual journal, Salmo trutta, information-packed newsletters and invitations to members-only trout and grayling fishing events on exclusive beats

    Did You Know...

    Sea trout live in shoals when smolting and when feeding at sea. They will occupy the same pool as other trout on return to the river, but when spawning begins, they resume their territorial nature.

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    About Trout

    Our native trout, Salmo trutta, is a wonderfully diverse and adaptable species. Trout are a clear indicator of whether or not a river or lake is a healthy environment. If trout can thrive, then so will other wildlife. Learn all about trout and their relatives, grayling and arctic charr, by clicking the links below:



    Wild Trout Trust members should now be receiving this year’s issue of our annual journal, and we hope you enjoy it as much as ever! Salmo Trutta 2024 goes large on the physical structure and function of our waterways, and we’re particularly grateful...



    One of the things we love about wild trout is their amazing variability in colour and spotting patterns. Our Conservation Officer team often share photos of the fish that they catch on WhatsApp, and the ensuing discussion is less about the size of th...

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