Projects can vary in scale from a hundred metres of river to catchment and regional scale programmes, but all are aimed at improving habitat for the benefit of wild trout and all wildife in the river and on the banks. 

We deliver habitat improvement projects in 3 main ways:River waving with the girls

  • Helping groups such as fishing clubs to carry out their own projects by providing advice, training and support, which can include some funding, project management and help with  the ‘permissions’ process such as Land Drainage Consent.
  • Leading the delivery of a project in close co-operation with a local ‘grassroots’ organisation who will take over the long term management and maintenance once the project has completed.
  • Supporting the delivery of a project as Partner with another organisation such as a local Rivers Trust, the Environment Agency, a Wildlife Trust.

River weaving  SalmoTrutta cover shot

We always try to ensure there is local involvement in any project. Aswell as delivering habitat improvement, projects have an important role in involving the 'grassroots'  - whether that is the landowner, fishing club or community group. By involving, training and enthusing local groups with a 'demonstration project', we can be effective beyond our own limited resources and leave a legacy of knowledge and desire to look after the river and it's wildlife.  

The pages in this section of the website show a sample of our current projects (hover over the 'Projects' menu).