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An introduction to the Wild Trout Trust and the video hub. Take two minutes to see why we are so passionate about wild trout before scrolling down see all the other videos available.

How to’ videos. 

Step-by-step guides to successfully completing specific habitat works and stream conservation techniques: 


Safe Working

Risk Assessment.

Gravel management for optimum spawning success 

Secure tree kicker installation

Tree Management for rivers and fisheries

Log pinning Positioning and fixing log flow defectors to create scour pools and clean gravel.

About Trout

Trout Lifecycle
 — WTT Director Shaun Leonard gives a detailed account of the trout lifecycle in this video of a presentation to the Watercress and Winterbournes project. The section on trout lifecycle starts at 4.49. and runs to 12.50 minutes.

Wharfe Woes and Trout Tales. A talk by Professor Jonny Grey on trout lifecycle bottleneck and river function.

Trout stock management 

Best practice catch and release and using a tenkara rod to gently land a large trout.

Spot the difference between sea trout and salmon

3 videos of trout spawning: Dorset Frome sea trout, female cutting a redd on the River Ness, spawning on the river Ness

Brown trout spot patterns

Trout genetics. A presentation by Professor Andy Ferguson. 

Mosquitoes and Mayflies. A film by Rolf Nylander, fishing in Sweden.

Lough Corrib. Returning trout to preserve stocks.

Two videos about ferox trout: Ferox 85 group, catch and release, hen ferox digging a redd on the Ness

Land use, trees and rivers

Urban rivers — the effect of impermeable surfaces.

Holding Ground: Trees, water and farming (Woodland Trust)

Trees for healthy rivers (Woodland Trust)

Buffer strips - demonstration and animation.

Chalkstreams — see our dedicated chalk stream page for a number of videos including a presentation on Chalkstream Management and Maintenance’ by WTT Conservation Officer Andy Thomas.

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