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An introduction to the WTT and the video hub.  Take two minutes to see why we are so passionate about wild trout before paging down to a list of all the other videos available. 


How to videos:

These videos are step-by-step guides to successfully completing specific habitat works and stream conservation techniques. The first three are vital and apply to ANY practical project:


Safe Working

Risk Assessment.

Gravel management for optimum spawning success 

Secure tree kicker installation

Tree Management for rivers and fisheries

Log pinning  Positioning and fixing log flow defectors to create scour pools and clean gravel.

About trout 

Improved Trout stock management

Best practice catch and release

Sea trout spawning

Sea Trout: Spot the difference: sea trout and salmon

Alevins in the gravel

Trout scale reading 

Case study videos and the WTT Habitat DVD:

Creating rivers from scratch. A video of a presentation by WTT Conservation Officer Tim Jacklin describing large scale river restoration projects in East Anglia - Rivers Witham, Glaven and Bain. 

Sea trout, big trout and catching Landrovers. A video of a presentation by WTT Conservation Offcier Andy Thomas describing projects on the River Lark in Suffolk and the Monks Brook in Hampshire.

Loughs Agency Partnership. Two videos showing trout habitat in Ireland, created during four practical habitat improvement demonstration days.

River Bain Lincolnshire Chalk Stream Project video

Scour pool creation in a low energy stream

River Glaven Project

Welsh River Wye Case Study  plus Buffer Strips and Fencing

River Wandle Case Study Part 1

Rivers Week 2013.  Two short features of joint WTT and EA volunteer training on the Hampshire Whitewater and Blackwater

Rivers: Working for Wild  Trout. A 70 minute film feature on stream habitat featuring Jon Beer (also available to buy)  Watch the trailer here
Buy the DVD here

The Emriver. A river simulator able to replicate river habitat processes on a small scale. 

Liquid Gold’ River Allen video now includes footage of the Stanbridge Mill. Watch here

2014 Conservation Awards winner, the Eastridge Estate and WIndrush AEC, River Kennet. Click here

The life aquatic!

Lifecycle of the Mayfly

Ferox trout in Loch Rannoch catch and release

Holding Ground- Trees, Water and Farming

Living Waters - Trees for Healthy Rivers 

How trees and fenced banks help reduce flood risk, erosion  and siltation 

The Big Issues

Dredging: the unintended consequences of dredging, demonstrated using the Emriver 

Bank erosion: A matter of balance

The impact of land use on rivers

Biosecurity for anglers with Stuart Crofts

The impact of small scale hydropower schemes on fish

Why weirs are a problem for migration for all trout  -  two videos on this page, one short from the UK showing small resident trout trying to ascend a weir (click here) and a longer video from Trout Unlimited in the USA (click here)

Why weirs cause degraded habitat

Rivers on the edge.  (Threatened chalkstreams)

The risks of fertile stocked fish

Invasive plants can suffocate trout

The positive impact that trees have on rivers  - including increasing infiltration, reducing overland flow, reducing soil erosion, protecting banks. Three videos are available on our Trees and Rivers page. 

Trout in the Town

Whistle stop tour of the Urban River Champions Conclave, 2013

Phil Sheriden's talk at the Urban Conclave 2103 : Resilience

Bradford Beck restoration

SPRITE start up video

Mayfly in the Classroom video and information page

Sheffield 'One big river' blog featuring urban runoff in Sheffield - soaking our way out of flooding

Sheffield beneath the waterline