WTT at this year’s UK River Summit: 21 May 2024 on the Wandle

For those of us at the sharp end of river restoration, good news about the state of our rivers often seems to be in short supply – which means it’s all the more important take every available opportunity to celebrate successes, make new connections, and think about ways of doing things better. 

The UK River Summit 2024, organised by our good friend Claire Zambuni, and scheduled for 21 May at Morden Hall on the River Wandle in south London, aims to do exactly this. 

As part of our support for this event, WTT’s Director Shaun Leonard will be one of the keynote speakers on positive, practical ways of restoring the physical damage that’s been inflicted on our rivers for so many years.

Shaun says: WTT is delighted to be a part of the UK River Summit 2024. The Wandle was where our Trout in the Town programme started 20 years ago, so it’s a real thrill to see wild trout thriving here today, and inspiring new generations of people who want to explore what a naturally functioning river looks (and sounds) like, why it matters, and what we can all do to make the knackered less knackered again!”

Claire says: Morden Hall, London, situated on the River Wandle, is a fitting venue to host a Summit about the state of our rivers in the U.K, as it is a location which serves as a reminder of how nature, river wildlife, and urban life can peacefully coexist. It is also perfectly positioned as an accessible oasis in a bustling city, meaning we are able to welcome a much wider audience to this event. We invite the public to learn first-hand the issues our rivers are facing and distil our anger to make a positive change.” 

All the latest information about the UK River Summit 2024 is HERE, and tickets are available HERE.

UK River Summit Festival schedule 2024