A poem for Richard Slocock

Hundreds of people gathered in the extraordinary setting of Milton Abbey School in early April to remember WTT co-founder, Richard Slocock.

A series of beautiful tributes from family and friends included this poem, penned, then read at the service, by Richard’s brother, Michael. We thought you might enjoy it and, for the many who knew Richard, appreciate its fitting sentiment.

To Richard with love

We will remember you

We will remember you
When we walk the moorland hills
When we stroll beside a boisterous stream
Or watch the sunset fade across the lake
Or hear a soft breeze flutter in the willows
Or glimpse a hat… in the lane… a whippet on a lead.
Then thoughts of you will come to us
Your laugh, your voice, your smiling eyes
How you loved your children and your children’s children
Enjoying their successes and sharing all their troubles
With Sally always at your side.

Oh yes, we will remember you
When we see a fisherman cast his fly
Or hear the sound of ball on bat
Or hear the thunder of hooves… the roar of the Festival crowd
Or hear your chatter, centre stage, at the supper table
And relive your joy of brick on brick, of paint on wall
And we will treasure all those years
All those memories made with us
Oh yes, we will remember you.

Richard Slocock 1