WTT Spring Auction 2024: A huge success, with 6 lots still available!

Thanks to so many generous donors, bidders, members and supporters, our Spring Auction 2024 has been a huge success.

We are completely overwhelmed by your help in raising an amazing £89,259 by the time bidding closed last night – money that we’ll put to good use for wild trout and our rivers and lakes. Thank you so much.

We have 6 lots still available (as below). If you’re interested, please email your bid(s) to Chrissy via office@​wildtrout.​org by 5pm on Tuesday 2 April and we will accept the highest bid received. In the event of identical bids, the first one received will take priority.

Again, thank you so much for your support!

Auction lots for bidding by 5pm on Tuesday 2 April

Lot 4 donated by Rob Jones. Guide Price £300, Minimum Bid £150.
A set of four fine art, limited edition prints of brown trout paintings by renowned fishing and wildlife artist, Maurice Pledger, each numbered 75 of 500 and each beautifully mounted and framed, measuring 47.5cm x 41cm. Hertfordshire-born Maurice Pledger is an internationally acclaimed artist known for his realistic and detailed illustrations of animals and wildlife. Maurice had no formal art training and achieves the realism and detail by spending hours observing and studying his subjects in their natural environment. In 1992, he received the Francis Williams Illustration Award for the Best Descriptive Illustration. This honour is given only once every 5 years by the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Lot 5 donated by Russell Weston. Guide Price £180, Minimum Bid £90
Two framed, limited edition prints of Tamar fisheries based on watercolours of the named pools by Lady Elizabeth Kitson. Numbered and signed in pencil by the artist. The Endsleigh Fishery’ (6 ex 200) 74cm x 57cm and The Lower Tamar Fishery’ (30 ex 100) 67.5cm x 54cm.

Lot 87 donated by Airflo. Guide Price £70, Minimum Bid £40
An Airflo SuperFlo Universal Taper Floating Line in a line weight of your choice. Who says the proverbial jack of all trades is always a master of none? This line does it all — and beautifully so at that. A great all round taper with a wide range of applications. Loads at short range. Longer rear taper provides multiple pick up points. Casts a very wide range of fly sizes. Haul zone extends the usable head length. And the ultra-thin running line shoots like hell and takes up less spool space. Choose from WF3 to WF9.

Lots 123 and 124 donated by Inverness Angling Association,
Guide Price £175 each, Minimum Bid £90 each

A week’s permit for 1 rod on the Town Waters of the River Ness. The beat passes through the centre of the Scottish Highland capital, Inverness and is primarily a salmon fishery, best fished with fly although spinning is allowed. The season is from 1 February to 15 October with July to October being the best months. Must be used in the 2024 season.

Lot 299 donated by Richard Wright, Guide and Minimum Bid £220
A day with Richard Wright, a GAIA qualified, single-handed instructor. For an individual, a group or a club within a radius of approximately 50 miles of Colchester in Essex or Hope in the Derbyshire Peak District. Cover whatever you want, however and for whoever. Please see www​.cast​ing​wright​.com/​w​t​t​-​i​n​s​t​r​u​c​t​o​r​s​-​d​a​y​-​o​ffer/ for details of what you can choose, and to book if you are outbid in this auction.

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