WTT publications

On this page we list the manuals that we have published as guides to improving and maintaining trout habitat. These are available to purchase in the shop and most are also available to download as PDF files. 

Habitat Management

These are two page guides to managing habitat and they cover six topics. They are intended for fishing club working parties, landowners and conservation volunteer groups. Individual sheets can be downloaded and printed. If you would like a folder with high quality printed copies of all six sheets, please call the WTT office on 023 92570985 or email office@wildtrout.org.

Controlling Invasive Plants
Managing Bank Erosion
Managing Woody Debris
Gravel Cleaning
Managing Instream Vegetation
Managing Trees

                                                                                                                                                                                            survival guide cover

The Wild Trout Survival Guide (paperback book, £10.00) is a full colour, practical and inspirational manual on how to create ideal conditions for wild brown trout to flourish. It is illustrated throughout with specially commissioned drawings, designs and case studies. Aimed at those wishing to start their own wild trout conservation projects, it takes the reader from assessing their 'stretch of the water' all the way to project-design, planning, funding and dealing with red-tape. The emphasis throughout is on sustainable restoration and management, that will not only benefit wild trout populations but also deliver gains to local biodiversity.

Third edition, August 2012

Available to purchase in our shop or by calling the WTT office on 023 9257 0985



Habitat Manuals are available to purchase as a CD of high resolution PDFs in our shop or can be downloaded as individual chapters as lower resolution PDF files.

Chalkstream Habitat Manual

Please note the updated contact details for Lincs Chalkstream Project are: 

Ruth Craig, Chalkstreams Project Officer, Navigation Warehouse,Riverhead Road, Louth, LN11 0DA.  chalkstreams@lincolnshire.gov.uk

  1. Introduction
  2. Legal Considerations
  3. Restoring Overwide Channels
  4. Instream Structures
  5. Gravel Rehabilitation
  6. Tree Management
  7. Protecting Marginal Habitat
  8. Influencing Land Management
  9. Management of Riparian Vegetation
  10. Use of Large Woody Debris
  11. Erosion Control
  12. Case Study - the River Glaven
  13. Further Information

Upland Rivers Habitat Manual

  1. Introduction
  2. Upland River Systems
  3. Project Planning
  4. Land Use
  5. Physical Enhancements
Upland river habitat manual

Urban Rivers Restoration Guidelines

  1. Introduction
  2. Community Guidance
  3. Habitat Projects On Your River
Urban Rivers Restoration Guidelines