WTT habitat work done and work coming up

It’s been a busy spring and early summer for the WTT. A quick roundup of where we have been working so far this year and plans coming up:

River Habitat workshops (training volunteers and professionals as well as carrying out in river habitat work):

River Roden, Shropshire
Torver Beck, Cumbria
Lumley Park Burn, County Durham
Blackwater, Essex
Colne, Hertfordshire
Misbourn, Buckinghamshire
Bulborne, Hertfordshire.

In river habitat improvement projects

Seven Kings Water, London
Darent, Kent
Rother, Sussex
Rye Brook, Surrey
Meon, Hampshire
Blackwater/​Loddon, Hampshire

In the next few of months, we have advice and practical work planned in Scotland (River Isla, Argyll Fisheries Trust), Northumberland, East Anglia, Somerset and Sussex.