Raffle prize winners, July 2014

A day on the River Darent, Kent, donated by Darent Valley Trout Fishers, won by Mr A. Mair

A day on the River Lambourn, Berkshire, donated by Mr and Mrs Pocock, won by Mr C. Davis

A day fishing the lake and River Wye at West Wycombe Park near High Wycombe, donated by Sir Edward Dashwood, won by Mr N. Longman

A on the River Loddon in Hampshire, donated anonymously, won by Dr J. Grey

A day on the River Manifold, Derbyshire, donated by the Derbyshire County Angling Club, won by Mr S. Smith 

We would like to thank the generous donors of fishing days and purchasers of raffle tickets. 
Your support is very much appreciated.

The raffle fishing days this year has so far raised just short of £2,000.
We promise to spend the money wisely on activities that help us to deliver tangible improvements to habitat in rivers and lakes for the benefit of wild trout and all wildlife in the river and on the banks.