Warm weather fishing. Haddon weekend postponed

This now seems to be an annual event — a request not to fish in those rivers that are suffering low flows and high water temperatures. 

For cold water species such as trout, water temperatures over 18°C, with the associated low oxygen levels, causes stress. Left alone, the fish can usually survive but with the additional exertion of being caught and handled, it can be fatal. Even if the fish swim away, they can succumb later. For this reason, we strongly advise everyone thinking of angling in bright, hot conditions to consider fish welfare and rethink plans when water temperatures are expected to reach or exceed 18°C. Bear in mind it is the water temperature rather than air temperature that matters. The evenings may feel pleasantly cool after a hot day but water temperatures can still be high. 

We had planned to run a members fishing weekend 16 – 17 July on the Haddon Estate waters of the Derbyshire Wye. Due to the high temperatures, this has now been postponed to 10 – 11 September. 
Contact Christina in the Office (office@​wildtrout.​org) to book; cost is £75 per rod, per day and you may book either or both days for yourself and any guests (guests do not need to be WTT members).

Haddon photo low white