Rivers & Wetlands Community Days

The Rivers & Wetlands Community Days (RWCD) 2021 programme, funded by Thames Water, is open for applications from Friday, 5 February 2021, closing on 12 March 2021.

The programme seeks to fund practical action for local people to make things better for their rivers and wetlands, now and into the future. Following on from its success in previous years, RWCD is looking to support projects big and small, from a couple of practical days with volunteers and now too, some larger-scale improvement work for rivers and wetlands. 

We welcome applications from local, non-Governmental community groups working in the Thames Water catchment, including rivers and wildlife trusts, flood groups, countryside/​catchment partnerships, angling clubs and conservation volunteers.

Thames Rivers and wetlands comp

In this round of funding, we will seek to support a number of:

  • Larger-scale projects, each £15K-£20K. These might be, for example, river restoration improving habitat through the introduction of gravel and woody material or a project improving public access to a wetland;
  • Smaller-scale projects, each up to £5K. These might include practical demonstration and training days with volunteers or small-scale river and wetland improvement projects.

Funding will be provided upfront for smaller-scale projects (up to £5000) and in two tranches for the larger-scale projects: 50% upfront and the remainder to an agreed timetable, proposed in the first instance by applicants in the application form. In both cases, applicants will be expected to act with best endeavour to complete the project and reporting commitment. 

Successful applicants should aim to deliver the bulk of their work during the 2021 calendar year, with completion (including report submission) before the end of March 2022 but, in the current circumstances, we will of course be as flexible as possible.

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Criteria for applications.
Application form.