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Creating new trout streams from scratch.

A video of a presentation by WTT Conservation Tim Jacklin, describing some of the major river restoration projects carried out by him with the support of multiple partners on lowland rivers in East Anglia. Rivers Glaven, Bain and Witham.

Sea trout, big trout and catching Landrovers.

A video of a presentation by WTT Conservation Officer Andy Thomas. Andy tells us about just some of his work in Southern England and East Anglia with the provision of new habitat for south coast sea trout as well as big lowland river trout in Suffolk. Oh, and he catches a 4 x 4 offroader's vehicle in his new seatrout pool too!

Creating scour pools in low energy chalk streams.

Andy Thomas, Conservation Officer with the Wild Trout Trust, demonstrates how to improve habitat in the headwaters of the River Itchen in Hampshire for wild trout, native white clawed crayfish and wading birds.  The video starts by looking at a project in the same area that was completed 12 months previously, and demonstrates how the changes made have affected the river and wildlife.   

The techniques used for this project include narrowing the river with hazel faggot bundles secured with chestnut stakes, using an excavator to create a pool which will hold adult fish and a gravel ramp for spawning,  and adding large flints for white clawed crayfish.  Access for wading birds is helped by the low, wet margins behind the faggot bundles. The pool is maintained by a willow root wad and trunk which has a scouring effect to keep the pool  and gravels free of silt.

The project and the film were sponsored by the Environment Agency.

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A trip to the Welsh River Wye with the Wye and Usk Foundation

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Some fascinating insights into how salmon and trout - as well as native crayfish and lamprey - are getting big boosts by the provision of great habitat by the Wye and Usk Foundation.

This is a practical demonstration of the benefits of approaches that the WTT routinely train angling clubs and other groups to do for themselves. During the film we see how large debris structures, rough vegetation and reduced silt runoff from surrounding land mean great fishing - as well as making habitat works and rural economies sustainable through angling tourism. The video includes an up close demonstration of how to tell thedifference between salmon parr and trout parr. The 2012 high water levels (and resultant low electrical conductivity) mean that traditional Japanese fly fishing must come to the rescue when electric fishing is not producing the goods for the camera!

For more information see the Wye and Usk Foundation website:

For information on other 'Voucher / 'Passport' fishing,  click here

Wye and Usk from Wild Trout Trust on Vimeo.

Buffer strips and  fencing 

A short video with Paul Gaskell of the WTT and Simon Evans of the Wye and Usk Foundation discussing the effect of fencing and buffer strips on the river banks and the beneficial effects for trout and salmon habitat, based on 10 years experience on the tributaries of the Wye. 

River Wandle Case Study Part 1:
This video shows a variety of techniques applied in the first phase of habitat restoration (carried out as part of a WTT Practical Visit) on the upper River Wandle in London. We aim to continually revisit the developments on this project as the WTT works with the Wandle Trust and their partners to get to their goal of a restored, self-sustaining wild trout population and healthy river corridor. The longest journeys all start with a single step….

Learn more about the Wandle Trout in the Town project here

River Glaven Project:
See the amazing time lapse video of the creation of a brand new meandering river channel through the bed of a former mill pond on the River Glaven in Norfolk. Project managed by the WTT’s Tim Jacklin, with channel design by Professor Richard Hey. The second phase of the project will install a fish and eel pass at the mill sluice, enabling trout, sea trout and eels to access the newly-created habitat upstream of the Mill and beyond.

This work was funded by the Environment Agency as part of the Anglian Sea Trout Project.
Click here for more information about the project on the River Glaven.


 Loddon Rivers week 2013

WTT get involved in improving habitat on the River Whitewater in Hampshire as part of the EA's Loddon Rivers Week.  Martin Salter of the Angling Trust was present to lend a hand and volunteers from ADAS, the Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Hampshire College of Agriculture and the University of Southampton got involved.

Day 1, introduced by Martin Salter of the Angling Trust:


Day 2, narrated by Andy Thomas of the WTT:



Introducing the Emriver: the 'model railway' of river habitat processes

The WTT was privileged to be able to use the Emriver at the 2013 CLA Game Fair. This machine was loaned to us by the Severn Rivers Trust and provided a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate and simulate many scenarios that we routinely encounter in our river habitat works. This first video introduces some of the basics - and shows the effect of two common habitat installation techniques: marginal brash and log flow-deflectors.