Urban river warriors: Stand by for the Trout in the Town Urban Conclave

We’re delighted to announce that the Wild Trout Trust’s next Urban River Conclave will be held in Stalybridge, Manchester, on the weekend of 28 – 29 September 2019, in association with the Mersey Rivers Trust.

The event will include the launch of the new Trout in the Town Urban River Toolkit, and a range of inspiring speakers. There’ll be plenty of time to mix with fellow urban river menders, as well as opportunities to explore the local River Tame (reputedly one of the most microplastic-polluted rivers in the world) and sample some nearby urban fishing.

We also hope to be able to offer bursaries to help with the costs of accommodation and travel.

More details will be confirmed in due course. In the meantime, please contact Theo Pike at 
 to let us know if you and any members of your urban river group would be interested to attend.

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