The State of Our Rivers report

The Rivers Trust have published a comprehensive report on the State of Our Rivers in England, Wales Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It does not make for happy reading. Our rivers are not in a healthy state and the situation has not improved since the last report in 2021. 

The report is well presented, with summary data and lots of maps so that you can zoom in on an individual river or catchment. It includes (importantly) a Take Action’ section.
The report is a valuable resource with a plethora of data and analysis for use by any audience including, we would hope, journalists, campaign groups and policy makers. 

The report was produced with the support of CIWEM, the Foundation for Water Research, Afonydd Cymru and Fisheries Management Scotland

Graphic reason for river failure EA 2022
Sectors impacting river health and causing failure in England's river stretches (data from Environment Agency, 2022)