A Fresh Water Future

The Chartered Institute of Water Engineers (CIWEM) have produced this excellent report which is 

An independent review of water sector performance and governance and a co-created expert, stakeholder and public vision for the future of water management in the UK’.

The scope of the report is wide, not only pollution but abstraction, flooding, and water supply issues. The target audience is clearly those with the power to affect these issues — primarily the Government, current or future.

The Executive Summary is very readable, and there is a huge amount of information in the full report, supporting information and polling data. 

MP’s (current and prospective) do take note of the topics that reach their inbox, so you might consider sending them a link to this report and tell them that: Three quarters of the public consider government must bear responsibility for action. Likewise, three quarters of water experts consider stronger government policy and regulation is critical to solving water challenges.’