Species reintroduction 'not a priority'

Despite establishing a Species Reintroduction Task Force earlier this year, Defra have now decided that species reintroduction is not a priority’ in England.
The government said it was focused on habitat restoration and pollution.

More information on the BBC News website. 

The news is not a surprise but is a source of frustration for many wildlife organisations who were hoping that beavers would be reintroduced to the wild in England, following the Protected Status given to beavers in October last year. 

There are many beaver families living wild who will, presumably, disperse naturally over time. 

The Scottish Government has said it will actively support the expansion of the beaver population’ through translocation of beavers, primarily from Tayside where they are causing problems for farmers. However, plans to reintroduce beavers to Glen Affric in the Cairngorms have been delayed, apparently due to landowner opposition

The beaver reintroduction project in Wales is still at the feasibility stage. 

WTT continues to engage in plans to manage beavers, particularly where their activities impact both migratory and resident fish. Take a look at our beaver resource hub for lots more information. 

Beaver female with kits 1 M Iike Symes comp
Image: Mike Symes