Selling tackle on eBay for WTT

We would like to say thank you’ to Hans Thomsen who, with the help of the Charfield Angling Association has sold fishing tackle to the value of £716.28 on eBay and donated the proceeds to the Wild Trout Trust. 

The donation is very much appreciated and will be spent on practical work to improve river habitat. 

Selling tackle on eBay, either for a fixed price or by auction, is straightforward and the funds raised can be automatically passed in whole or in part to the Wild Trout Trust.
Instructions can be found here: https://​pages​.ebay​.co​.uk/​e​b​a​y​f​o​r​c​h​a​r​i​t​y​/​s​e​l​l​.html

If you do donate the proceeds of any sale to WTT, please let us know so that we can thank you properly, as eBay and PayPal don’t pass your details to us.