New campaign: Where is our water coming from?

The Wild Trout Trust is one of 37 environmental groups which has written to the UK’s Secretary of State to criticise the serious deficiencies” in water companies’ plans for maintaining the country’s water supplies when the next drought strikes, and ask for radical improvements to the information presented in these draft water resource management plans.

As the letter notes, by 2030 the shortfall of water may be as much as a billion litres per day: in other words, 10% of the UK’s population’s daily water requirements.

In this early summer’s recent dry spell, we are already seeing rivers across England struggling with lack of water, even in areas where the vast majority of water comes from river or groundwater sources. 

The letter is part of a campaign led by WildFish which asks everyone to email their local MP (link HERE) with this question: Where is our water coming from?

Click HERE for full details on the WildFish website.

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