Major International SeaTrout Symposium 2015

A major international sea trout symposium will be held in Dundalk, Ireland on 20, 21 & 22 October 2015.

The symposium aims to promote the application of the latest science to the better management of sea trout stocks and their associated fisheries. The event will be hosted by the Department of Culture, Art & Leisure Northern Ireland and Inland Fisheries Ireland, supported by the Atlantic Salmon Trust, Institute of Fisheries Management, Salmon & Trout Association and Wild Trout Trust.

WTT will also submit an expression of interest to present a paper on its sea trout work on the English southern and East Anglian coastal rivers. More details will follow through the WTT website and social media but the event has a dedicated website at http://​seatrout​sym​po​sium​.org/