IBIS Ferox Project Seminar, 10 May, Glasgow University

Free seminar on Ferox trout research.
Ferox trout have received little research attention compared with Atlantic Salmon and Sea trout in the past century. Despite such a lack of information they are a subject of intense debate amongst anglers, scientists and fishery managers. The most frequently asked question is: Are ferox a distinct species or another life-history able to be adopted by all brown trout given the right circumstances?”.
Whatever the answer to this question is, the fact still remains that ferox trout are poorly understood. In 2014 we know almost nothing about their distribution, population sizes, spawning requirements and threats.
The IBIS project has funded 3 trout PhDs to answer some these questions and more. The purpose of this seminar is to discuss completed research on ferox trout and highlight the future direction of ferox research. The appropriate strategies required to successfully manage a species requires input from all stakeholders, i.e. fishery managers, scientists and ferox anglers. The project encourages input from each stakeholder so the results of the research can be applied to real situations.
The day will consist of a series of presentations covering topics such as ferox trout genetics and morphology, to fisheries management and safe implementation of catch and release. Our aim is to persuade attending delegates to engage with the science and become part the project at some level. Each presentation will be followed by a chaired question and answer session. 
This seminar is open to all ferox enthusiasts from any background. Hopefully this will stimulate lively discussion from like minded people, but also illustrate how everybody can contribute to the research in some form.
Speakers are:
  • Prof Colin Adams – The IBIS project: The importance of trout research”
  • Prof Andy Ferguson — Are ferox genetically distinct from other brown trout?”
  • Alan Kettle-White – Fisheries management of ferox trout”
  • Alistair Thorne – Catch and release of large, piscivorous ferox trout”
  • Martin Hughes – What is the future for ferox trout research?”
  • Travis Van Leeuwen – Life history strategies of brown trout”
  • Oliver Hooker – Is the ferox phenotype a developmental response to diet?”

Tea/​coffee and lunch will be provided. This event is funded by the IBIS Project.

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