Floods and dredging

Following the wettest July-December period since records began, it is not surprising that so many of our rivers are in flood.

Inevitably, there are some calls for more dredging of rivers.

Alastair Chisholm of the Chartered Institution of Water Engineering and Management (CIWEM) has tweeted this useful thread which summarises the pros and cons of dredging. 

Following the major floods in 2014, WTT supported CIWEM in producing this report, and its contents are still relevant today. 

See also our news item from 2014, and, for a more comprehensive view on the impact of dredging our rivers, check out our Dredging Rivers’ library page — especially the video! 

EA Dredging Guidance
River levels 2 Jan 24
Screenshot from UK Water Resources Portal showing stations with daily flow data on 2 January 2024 for England and Scotland