Auction catalogue changes and additions

Please note the following changes to the published catalogue:

Lot 30. Woodcock shooting for 2 guns on the Holkham Estate with Lord Coke. The date has been set as 29 January 2015, not 2014 as stated in the catalogue. There is no flexibility around this date.

Lot 118. Fishing on the Lambourn with Gilly Bate and Denise Ashton. The date has been set for 9 July 2014.

Lot 2 An exquisite Japanese gyotaku art work of two ayu or sweetfish. The dimensions are 53cm x 46cm (21x 18inches

Lot 35 Rawson and Perrin cane rod and reel. New photo of reel added. 

Lot 54 Eight flies for the Large Dark Olive hatch. Photos added. 

Late lots, not included in early versions of the catalogue. Click on the lot number to be taken to the details.

Lot 255 1 day for 1 gun, driven 100 bird pheasant shoot, Leicestershire. Start price £250.

Lot 256 1 day for 1 rod, Northumberland and North Yorkshire rivers , accompanied by WTT Chairman Edward Twiddy. Start price £50.

Lot 257 1 day for 1 rod, River Derwent, Derbyshire. Guided by Stuart Crofts on 9 September 2014. Start price £75.

Lot 258 1 day for 1 rod, River Guash, Lincs. Accompanied by a club member. Start price £50.

Lot 259 2 days for 2 rods, Lake Loughanure, Co Donegal. Guide and boat included. Start price £90

Lot 260 1 day for 1 rod, River Darent, Kent. Accompanied by Keith Wallington. Start price £75.