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About Advisory Visits

These visits provide expert, practical advice to individuals or organisations that have responsibility for a stretch of river or a lake which is, or could be, wild trout habitat.

One of our Conservation Officers will walk your stretch of river with you and discuss how you can best manage and improve the habitat. They will give you a report with recommendations and advice on techniques consents and project funding. This report is usually the basis of a habitat improvement project or change in habitat management – more than 90% of our visits and reports result in practical action.

If you would like an Advisory Visit, send an email to projects@​wildtrout.​org or write to the WTT office at Freepost WILD TROUT TRUST (this is the complete address) with a request for support and a short summary of the location and current management of the site. 

Find out more about our Advice and Practical Help and our Projects.

WTT would like to recognise the support of the Environment Agency through rod licence monies for many of the Advisory Visits conducted in England.

Title Year River Name River Basin County Author
River Little Avon, Gloucestershire 2010 Little Avon Severn Gloucestershire Andy Thomas
River Lossie, Moray 2010 Lossie Scotland Scotland Andy Walker
River Medway, Kent 2010 Medway Thames Kent Andy Thomas
River Meon, Hampshire 2010 Meon South East Hampshire Andy Thomas
River Perry, Shropshire 2010 Perry Severn Shropshire Tim Jacklin
River Petteril, Cumbria 2010 Petteril Solway Tweed Cumbria Tim Jacklin
River Piddle, Dorset 2010 Piddle South West Dorset Andy Thomas
River Tarrant, Dorset 2010 Tarrant South West Dorset Andy Thomas
River Wansbeck, Northumberland 2010 Wansbeck Northumbria Northumberland Tim Jacklin
River Wey North, Surrey 2010 Wey North Thames Surrey Andy Thomas
River Wharfe, North Yorkshire 2010 Wharfe Humber North Yorkshire Tim Jacklin
Rivers Colne and Holme, Huddersfield, Yorkshire 2010 Colne / Holme Humber West Yorkshire Paul Gaskell
Ryburn Reservoir, West Yorkshire 2010 Ryburn Reservoir Humber West Yorkshire Tim Jacklin
St. Mary's Loch, Scottish Borders 2010 St. Mary's Loch Solway Tweed Scotland Tim Jacklin
Stock Beck, Lancashire 2010 Stock Beck North West Lancashire Tim Jacklin
Afon Cain, Powys 2011 Afon Cain Severn Wales Tim Jacklin
Annalee River, Co. Cavan 2011 Annalee River NI - North Western Eire Vaughan Lewis
Anston Brook, South Yorkshire 2011 Anston Brook Humber South Yorkshire Tim Jacklin
Combe Water, Devon 2011 Combe Water South West Devon Andy Thomas
Little Brosna, Co. Offaly / Tipperary 2011 Little Brosna Eire - Shannon Eire Vaughan Lewis
Loch Eye and River Tain, Easter Ross 2011 Loch Eye and River Tain Scotland Scotland Andy Walker
Lough Beltra 2011 Lough Beltra Eire - Western Eire Vaughan Lewis
Pickering Beck, North Yorkshire 2011 Pickering Beck Humber North Yorkshire Paul Gaskell
Porter Brook, Sheffield 2011 Porter Brook Humber South Yorkshire Paul Gaskell
River Aire, North Yorkshire 2011 Aire Humber North Yorkshire Tim Jacklin
River Avon (Wilts) 2011 Avon (Wiltshire) South West Wiltshire Andy Thomas
River Avon, Devon 2011 Avon South West Devon Andy Thomas
River Blithe, Staffordshire 2011 Blithe Humber Staffordshire Tim Jacklin
River Cherwell, Oxfordshire 2011 Cherwell Thames Oxfordshire Andy Thomas
River Churnet, Staffordshire 2011 Churnet Humber Staffordshire Tim Jacklin
River Ewenny, South Wales 2011 Ewenny Western Wales Wales Andy Thomas
River Idle, Nottinghamshire 2011 Idle Humber Nottinghamshire Tim Jacklin
River Irwell, Manchester 2011 Irwell North West Lancashire Paul Gaskell
River Lagan, Co. Down 2011 Lagan NI - North Eastern Northern Ireland Tim Jacklin
River Leven, North Yorkshire 2011 Leven Northumbria North Yorkshire Tim Jacklin
River Monnow, Monmouthshire 2011 Monnow Severn Wales Andy Thomas
River Nidd, North Yorkshire 2011 Nidd Humber North Yorkshire Gareth Pedley
River Peffrey, Ross and Cromarty 2011 Peffrey Scotland Scotland Tim Jacklin
River Pont – from Fenwick Burn to Med Burn 2011 Pont Northumbria Northumberland Gareth Pedley
River Ribble, North Yorkshire 2011 Ribble North West North Yorkshire Tim Jacklin
River Test, Chilbolton, Hampshire 2011 Test South East Hampshire Andy Thomas
River Test, Oakley Meadows, Hampshire 2011 Test South East Hampshire Andy Thomas
River Worfe, Shropshire 2011 Worfe Severn Shropshire Tim Jacklin
Segar Stream (River Itchen), Hampshire 2011 Segar Stream South East Hampshire Andy Thomas
Afon Machno 2012 Machno Western Wales Wales Paul Gaskell
Afon Rhiw 2012 Afon Rhiw Severn Wales Tim Jacklin
Barlow Brook 2012 River Drone Humber Derbyshire Gareth Pedley
Black Lynn Burn, Argyll 2012 Black Lynn Burn Scotland Scotland Paul Gaskell
Bodorgan Estate, Anglesey 2012 Afon Ffraw Western Wales Wales Tim Jacklin
Bradford Beck 2012 Bradford Beck Humber West Yorkshire Paul Gaskell