Hatch Mayflies, Olives, Brook Duns & More with a New Print-on-Demand Guidebook

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Creative Science Kits #1: "Mayfly in the Classroom" Print on Demand Book

Did you know that when an emerging mayfly pushes through the surface-film of water to hatch, it’s demonstrating a physical feat equivalent to a human breaking through a kitchen table-top?

Having kids and teachers witness this feat — and exactly HOW they do it (along with the strange transformation from dun” to spinner”) in any of our upwing riverflies are key experiences within Mayfly in the Classroom” — now available in full-colour guidebook form.

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Hint: It’s not just about The” Mayfly (or greendrake) — but pretty much any of the ephemeroptera including blue winged olives, baetids (e.g. large dark and medium olives), flat stoneclingers such as brook duns, olive uprights and more…

↓↓ Read on to see how WTT are using print-on-demand technology to bring this to life ↓↓

Ecdyonurus Imago Moult2
Brook Dun "spinner" emerging from the winged adult "dun". Photo © Paul Gaskell

Mayfly in the Classroom & the Environment

The new book is available internationally via Amazon — but thanks to print-on-demand technology can be shipped from hubs that often fall within the customer’s own country. Another great benefit from an environmental charity perspective is that print-on-demand bypasses the need to print, store and transport a sizeable inventory of books (with over/​under production of print copies a real headache to manage).

Baetis nymph (Photo © Paul Gaskell)

Inside the book, you’ll find full step-by-step instructions to create and run a Mayfly in the Classroom project at home, in the classroom or as part of an interest group. You can see an example case study from Eden Rivers Trust who have already employed this affordable and low-tech engagement and education tool by clicking here. The low-tech, affordable nature of these projects is emphasised by the upcycling” of plastic drinks bottles into reusable aquarium vessels (thus removing those bottles from the single use plastic” category)

However, compared to our previous, online, resources, the print book has significantly expanded the supporting information — allowing a large range of accompanying messages to be attached to the activity. 

36 Both Substrate Types
Upcycled plastic bottles - no longer "single use plastic"...

Teaching Aids for Mayfly in the Classroom Projects

As well as the basic instructions (and extensive supporting information about the habits and biology of mayflies), the print book collates a range of tools such as lesson plans, example risk assessments, suggested day-planners (for rainy weather or dry weather).

The (print) examples of worksheets and printable records that appear within the book are also linked directly to their downloadable, digital counterparts on the WTT website. In this way, those resources can be kept up to date and are also ready to print and use at any time (without needing to copy from the pages of the book).

7 Mi C June 2014
Bringing home the wonders of (and threats to) our rivers

Getting your Copy of the book

So, if you’re interested in learning a lot about the ecology of our rivers — or you know of groups, schools or organisations who would benefit from this guide to turning a local stream into an outdoor classroom; then either click the image or text link below to the Amazon product for ordering copies of the guidebook.

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A portion of the proceeds goes to the Wild Trout Trust, so we thank you for supporting our efforts to conserve healthy rivers through education and by direct funds.

Paul Gaskell