In the footsteps of giants: adventures in chalk and limestone history

Flyfishing history has truly been written on England’s chalk streams and limestone rivers, and it’s impossible to fish these waters without feeling that you’re exploring in the footsteps of giants.

From Charles Cotton’s haunts on the River Dove, to Halford’s water at Mottisfont, Plunket Green’s Bourne Rivulet and even the Wilderness fishery on the Kennet where Neil Patterson fished with John Goddard, Peter Lapsley and Brian Clarke – take your pick of historic waters in this year’s Wild Trout Trust Auction.

Time to start planning your season of adventures, inspired by the WTT’s auction. 8 – 17 March, on eBay and by post. 
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Lot 137 Services Dry Fly Fishing on the River Avon (Sawyer and Kite beats).
Lots 146
and 161 Mottisfont. Halford territory.
Lot 158 River Kennet, the Wilderness fishery where John Goddard, Peter Lapsley, Brian Clarke used to fish – and Neil Patterson of FF&FT still does.
Lots 164
and 167 Two lots on Plunket Green’s Bourne Rivulet.
Lot 235
The Beresford fishery on the Dove, haunt of Charles Cotton.

Beresford Cottons Fishing House
William Bourne
Waterton Bourne 1

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