Happy Christmas from the Wild Trout People

From Shaun Leonard, WTT Director:

It’s a year when we… raised proper funds through our auction, 3 Fly fundraiser and grant applications; used that money for trout and our rivers from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire, Norfolk to Donegal; whacked down some serious weirs; wrestled with our EA partners over charges for permits to do good work; highlighted more and more ongoing and published research; brought Theo Pike on board; reached out very widely when 2 Wildies kayaked along the Aire as part of World Fish Migration Day; had a great gathering at Gargrave; enjoyed lovely members’ fishing weekends in Derbyshire and Hampshire; won a silver medal in the Canal & Rivers Trust’s awards; recognised real heroes with our Conservation Awards; chipped-in just a little to the building pressure on Scottish Govt and the salmon farming industry over its impacts on the environment; lost Peter O’Reilly, RIP; welcomed for salmon the cessation of the NE drift nets, but questioned the impact for sea trout…

More on these tales and others at www​.wildtrout​.org

River Habitat Workshop On River Misbourne Comp
Cc4 Coniston Cold Weir During
Bv Phil Bailey
Peter Oreilly