Fishing with fisheries experts: ferox, big browns, and sharks

It’s probably no surprise that many professional ecologists and fisheries scientists are also really good anglers…

Thanks to our generous network of friends, the Wild Trout Trust is proud to offer these amazing opportunities to enjoy a season of adventures on the water with gurus like Kenny Galt, Alan Kettle-White and Jonny Grey – the very best way for you to learn first-hand from the experts!

Scotland: Lot 59, Annan with Tony Donnelly, Lot 60 ferox on Loch Awe with Alan Kettle-White, Lots 65 and 66 on the Tweed with Kenny Galt. 

England: Lot 289, 290 and 293 with Tom Myerscough, Lots 283 and 285 with Edward Twiddy, Lots 267 and 268 with Jonathan Grey.

Kenny Tweed 3
Upper Coquet For Et
28Lb Awe Ferox 3

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