Christmas Quiz 2019

Test your knowledge of trout over the Christmas holidays. No prizes I’m afraid, but I’d be interested to know how you get on. Email me at dashton@​wildtrout.​org

Almost all of the answers to the quiz questions can be found on the About Trout’ pages of our website https://​www​.wildtrout​.org/ and particularly the Lifecycle, Ferox, Sea Trout and Trout Facts pages. 

Questions as a PDF document are here. Questions and answers are here

Q1. What is the native range of the brown trout, Salmo trutta? Describe the limits to north, south, east and west.

Q2. Which river in England has the only long-term breeding population of wild rainbow trout? 

Q3. What are the two main reasons that prompt trout to migrate to sea? 

Q4. Ferox trout eat other fish – what is the technical name for fish eating’ and what fish do ferox trout typically target?

Q5. What do the terms potamodromous’ and anadromous’ mean in relation to trout?

Q6. American fisheries scientist Robert Behnke carried out research with anglers in the USA to find out which species of trout were the hardest to catch. Which of these trout came top of the hardest to catch’ list? Cutthroat trout, brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout.

Q7. What mollusc is dependent on trout and salmon for part of its lifecycle and why?

Q8. What are slob’ trout?

Q9. What are the names of 3 stages of trout development between egg and adult?

Q10. What is a smolt and what does it look like?

Q11. What are the Latin names for brown trout, Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout?.

Q12. How long can trout live?

Q13. What is the maximum temperature at which we should fish for brown trout, paying appropriate regard for the fishes’ welfare?

Q14. Trout scales can be read to reveal the age of a trout. How old was this trout?

Trout scale Question

Q15. What’s this clear patch of gravel called and what caused it? Picture was taken in the Itchen in November 2019. 

Itchen trout redd 30112019

Q16. Which of these small fish is a salmon and which a trout? 

BT v Sa parr Wylye Sept 2019