River Irk, Greater Manchester

Town: Manchester

River Name: Irk

River Basin: North West

County: Lancashire

Author: Paul Gaskell

NGR: SD 868 055

River Irk: Mersey Basin/​Greater Manchester

Trout in the Town is part of an ambitious project to improve the River Irk.

We are working with and offering technical support to the nascent Mersey Basin Rivers Trust (which is an offshoot from the fantastic Salford Friendly Anglers club) and partners including Manchester City Council and Groundwork North West. The river is currently impacted by a number of issues that include channel modification and phosphate enrichment. Trout populations that were present historically have been decimated by serious pollution events. Over time and with a lot of dedication, perhaps they can recover.

A much more detailed assessment of issues faced by the River is provided in this AV Report. 

River Irk, Manchester