CATCH: Community Action to Transform the Cale Habitat

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South West
Andy Thomas
ST 711 289

River Cale - Wincanton

The passionate and effective “CATCH” group was established in Wincanton to fight for their local, neglected river; the River Cale. Early and ongoing technical support provided by the WTT has been incorporated into a busy programme of river-related activities.  

We were able to provide one of the most vibrant Mayfly in the Classroom events to local primary school pupils and teachers.

Catch are one of the most active urban volunteer groups associated with Trout in the Town. This is true both “on the ground” and also in social media. They already have an impressive record when it comes to inspiring and completing direct action to improve and protect their urban river. They also do a tremendous job in (re)engaging the local community with their watercourse and the wildlife that it supports.

Keep up to date with CATCH on their website here and find more details on the habitat assessment in the AV Report.

weir on the River Cale at Wincton