Write to your MP - again!

Stopping sewage discharges into rivers. 

With the Private Members Bill delayed to January, there is an even better opportunity coming up next week to stop water companies from discharging sewage into rivers.

Please spend a few minutes of your time lobbying your MP. On 17 November Amendment 200 of the Environment Bill  (see p14 when you click the link) will be discussed in Parliament. The amendment aims to outlaw the discharge of raw sewage into our rivers and seas.

It is really important to get your MP to sign up in support of Amendment 200 as well as the private member’s bill. Private Members Bills often run out of time and do not make it into law, whereas the Environment Bill will definitely become law

Amendment 200 will lead to the phasing out of raw sewage discharges into the seas and rivers and has a good chance of being adopted into the bill if enough MPs support it, because one of its sponsors, Richard Graham, is on the Committee considering it, and the Chairman of that Committee is also aware of its importance

We hope very much that both Amendment 200 and the Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill make it into law. but please don’t think that because of the Private Member’s Bill, Amendment 200 doesn’t matter. It really does.

If you can simply ask your MP to support Amendment 200 of the Environment Bill then you will have done our rivers a huge service. 

For more information about water quality campaigns, check out our blog post. 

CSO Jonny comp