Work on the Bentley Brook in Derbyshire

WTT Conservation Officer, Tim Jacklin, has been working on the the Bentley Brook, a tributary of the River Dove, Derbyshire, to remove an obstruction to fish passage. A former packhorse bridge collapsed into the brook decades ago, the debris forming a swift flowing cascade and impounding the brook upstream into a slow-flowing, silty reach. 

Working with the Environment Agency’s Fisheries, Biodiversity and Geomorphology team at Lichfield, Tim removed the stone from the river and installed large woody debris at four locations upstream. The bed of the brook will now naturally regrade to expose gravel and create more varied and valuable habitat. 

Many thanks to the landowner, Tissington Estate, and the tenant farmer Mike Herridge for their cooperation and assistance. Leek and District Fly Fishing Association (www​.ladf​fa​.com) will benefit from the improvements along with other angling interests on the brook. 

Bentley brook lwd

(very) large woody debris ready to be installed