Wildlife is too important to ignore in the EU referendum debate

WTT is a non-political organisation. However, in light of the potential implications of the forthcoming EU referendum for the objectives of the WTT (river habitats and their wildlife), allied with a perception that the public is seeking better, more objective information, we would draw our supporters’ attention to a recent report prepared for the RSPB, WWF UK and the Wildlife Trusts: http://​www​.wildlifetrusts​.org/​E​U-Ref

WTT considers that this report appears to present a balanced view which concludes that “…it is likely that a UK departure from the EU would leave the British environment in a more vulnerable and uncertain position than if the country were to remain as a member of the EU”. WTT is not telling our supporters how to vote, nor do we make any comments on wider implications of EU membership; we are commenting solely on the implications relevant to our mission and aims.