What does the Wild Trout Trust do ?

At the recent Annual Get Together on the River Ribble in Lancashire, Wild Trout Trust Director Shaun Leonard presented a summary of WTT work to demonstrate how we spend the money we receive from a wide range of sources, including Rod Licence funds from the Environment Agency, WTT membership subscriptions and the fundraising auction.

To see videos of the presentation, click here.

There are five short videos, covering:

Video 1 – core work of Advisory Visits, Practical Demonstrations and Project delivery.

Video 2 – project examples of the River Avill in Somerset and Trout in the Town project on the River Lyme in Newcastle-under Lyme.

Video 3 – larger scope projects on the River Lark in Suffolk and River Glaven in Norfolk.

Video 4 – the results of work on the River Great Stour in Kent; Mayfly in the Classroom; talks and conferences

Video 5 – Other aspects of WTT acitivity, including the annual fundraising auction, our journal Salmo Trutta, Rivers and Wetlands days sponsored by Thames Water, and plans for 201516.