Video of Riverfly Monitoring on the River Meon, Hampshire

The WTT are huge supporters of the Riverfly Partnership and in particular the Riverfly Anglers Monitoring Initiative which enables volunteers to keep a track of the health of their river through monitoring the invertebrate population. 

This excellent video features Dr Cyril Bennett who is one of the founders of the Riverfly Partnership, a tremendous advocate of Citizen Science‘ and all round expert on river invertebrates. He stars with Matt Own-Farmer of the Portsmouth Services Fly Fishing Association and co-ordinator of the Riverfly Anglers Monitoring Initiative on the River Meon in Hampshire.

Taking Care of the Chalk Streams from Solent Journalism on Vimeo.

England’s chalk streams are under constant threat from pollution, abstraction and numerous other factors.

The hard work performed by volunteers, like the river keepers of the Portsmouth Services Fly Fishing Association, helps to preserve a delicate balance on rivers like the Meon and Itchen, which run through the county where fly fishing was born — Hampshire.

This film shows some of the work carried out by entomologist Dr.Cyril Bennett, and the pioneering Riverfly’ partnership, to monitor what lives in the thriving Meon, on a stretch of water fished by members of the PSFFA.

For further information about the partnership, click here: http://​www​.river​flies​.org

To learn more about the PSFFA, click here: http://​psf​fa​.org

Hope you enjoy the film.