Two new books about sea trout

Two very different books have just been published about sea trout, one about fishing, the other about science and management.

Sea Trout, Tips, Trials and Tribulations by Steffan Jones. Steffan has been guiding sea trout anglers on the Teifi in Wales since sea trout book steffan joneshe was 15 and generally spends the winter fishing for sea trout in South America. He is a true expert on this enigmatic fish. The book covers all aspects of sea trout fishing, including chapters on targeting them in fresh and saltwater. There is a chapter by Moc Morgan on the evolution of sea trout flies. Sea trout fly patterns by aficionados from across the world are also detailed within the book.
244 pages in 25 chapters. £30 + £3.50 UK postage.
Order direct from Steffan — email book@​sea-​trout.​co.​uk

The second book is Sea Trout, Science and Management The Proceedings of the 2nd International Sea Trout Symposium, held in Ireland in 2016 and supported by WTT and many other NGOs, with contributions from 150 of Europe’s leading trout biologists, under the heroic editorial eye of Graeme Harris.
It’s a huge, information-rich hardback at nearly 600 pages and a vital reference on what we know to this point (and don’t know) about sea trout. 

The contents list is here.

Self-publication has allowed the sale price to be kept to 70 Euro, plus P&P, from Inland Fisheries Ireland via http://​seatrout​sym​po​sium​.org/ or telephone (+353 01 884 2600). Net income from sales will be used to promote future initiatives that progress sea trout science and management. 

Copies of a companion book, the Proceedings of the 1st International Sea Trout Symposium on Sea Trout: Biology Conservation & Management’, published in 2006, are still available (in either hardback or as an E‑book) from http://​eu​.wiley​.com/​W​i​l​e​y​C​D​A​/​W​i​l​e​y​T​i​t​l​e​/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​C​d​-​1​4​0​5​1​2​9​9​1​3​.html