Trout and Salmon magazine article.

The December edition of trout and Salmon magazine has a double page spread of suggestions from the Wild Trout Trust on How to Improve Your River’.

Here are a few links to relevant material on the website associated with the various topics in the article:

A set of six habitat management sheets are available to buy for £5.00 or download

Clean spawning gravels video and habitat management sheet

Manage bankside trees video and habitat management sheet

Deal with eroding banks video and habitat management sheet

Sediment pathways — see this video on how buffer strips can help.

Tree choices — what to do when a tree falls in the river habitat management sheet

These topics are also covered in more detail in our habitat manuals, also available on the WTT publications page

The Wild Trout Survival Guide brings together all of these topics in a paperback illustrated book, price £10.00.

Review your catch returns is covered in this article by John Aston, and on the Trout Stocking’ library page, including case studies where clubs have stopped stocking and videos on stock management.

If you are looking for more advice, you can request an Advisory Visit  or contact us