Spain - leading the way in Europe for dam removal

The rivers of continental Europe are being torn into chunks by hydropower dams — there are literally hundreds of very large scale schemes either planned or under construction. Spain is not without its share of dam building but it is also leading the way in Europe for dam removal

Rios con Vida and the WWF Spain has taken part in the final approval of the river recovery. So far, around 340 small dams have been demolished in Spain since the 90’s, and see here the largest dam put down ever for environmental purposes in the EU ( at 23 meters high), some of the leading river restoration efforts worldwide . 

This series of stills, from Spanish film maker, biologist and friend of WTT, Carlos Rodriguez Villafane, shows the last seconds of life of a giant dam on the Cofio River: http://​bichopro​duc​ciones​.es/​b​i​c​h​o​/​?​p=651 

There’s even TV coverage (Spanish) of the dam’s demise:


Watch and enjoy!