Slurry pollution incident in Wales - River Honddu

Another significant pollution incident in Wales, this time on the River Honddu – a tributary of the River Monnow. The pollution was caused by a failed slurry lagoon. This is the latest in a series of slurry related pollution incidents in Wales, including one on the Teifi in December that impacted 6 miles of river.

This is from the BBC News website:

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) said the incident, near Abergavenny, is likely to have a serious effect” on some rivers in south east Wales.

A significant discharge” from the lagoon, which contained up to 450,000 litres (99,000 gallons) of slurry, went into a tributary of the River Honddu.

NRW officers are also assessing the impact on the River Monnow and River Wye.

Caroline Drayton, a team leader for NRW, said on Tuesday: Protecting nature in Wales is our biggest priority and we have been carrying out pollution-prevention works to minimise the impact of this incident since this morning.”

NRW is working closely with the Environment Agency in England to monitor the situation.

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