River Witham project completed

In September 2013, on the upper River Witham in Lincolnshire, a major river restoration project was completed at Easton Walled Gardens, near Colsterworth. 

The WTT’s Conservation Officer, Tim Jacklin, initially carried out an advisory visit to this site back in 2008, and when the Environment Agency’s Fisheries & Biodiversity team in Lincoln began the Upper Witham Habitat Restoration Project, this site was an obvious candidate.
WTT prepared detailed plans and carried out further site visits with Environment Agency staff which enabled the necessary consents to be secured. Matthew Parr of the EA Fisheries & Biodiversity team project managed the works which included extensive channel narrowing and fencing out livestock. 

This part of the Witham has suffered two major fish kills through farm pollution in recent years and these works will greatly assist the recovery of the trout and native crayfish populations. This site forms part of the wider Upper Witham Habitat Restoration Project and the Environment Agency would be interested to hear from other potential partners. Easton Walled Gardens are open to the public from spring to autumn (www​.eas​t​on​walledgar​dens​.co​.uk).

Click here for the case study, which includes details of costs, techniques, maps and photographs. (3MB PDF)