River Hamble opened up for sea trout

Andy Thomas of the Wild Trout Trust has just completed work to install a fish pass on the River Hamble at Durley in Hampshire. The larinier pass and eel mats will allow sea trout and eels to access almost 10km of habitat upstream of the mill.

The work was carried out in partnership with the East Hampshire Catchment Partnership lead — Groundwork South — and used DEFRA CPAF funding. Thanks are due to the Environment Agency who leant their technical support, encouragement and some hands-on help to manhandle the fish pass into position when the ground proved too wet for heavy machinery. 

This project would have been impossible without the enthusiasm and support of the landowners, Chris and Sandra Atkins, whose desire to encourage wildlife and act as true custodians of their mill and surrounding waterways was a huge boost to the project.

The project is part of the Wild Trout Trust South Coast Sea Trout project – for more information, click here. 

The happy team — fish pass installed!

happy team at Durley Mill

Water starts to flow down the new pass

fish pass water starts to flow