New Native Crayfish Website

The UK Crayfish website www​.cray​fish​.org​.uk, brings together up to date information about the UK’s only native crayfish, the White-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobuis pallipes) and its conservation. Also provided is a range of information about non-native crayfish species, their impacts and control. The website contains both professional and public channels to ensure that a wide variety of information is available on all aspects and issues relating to crayfish, regardless of what you know or what you want to know about crayfish, there will be something to interest you.

The professional channel contains a White-clawed crayfishconservation toolkit, it provides information on crayfish projects including ark sites and summarises crayfish research. The public channel provides an introduction to the different types of crayfish that occur in the UK, what to do if you find a crayfish and how you can help conserve our endangered White-clawed crayfish.

The website has been funded by the Environment Agency, with information compiled by Buglife, Stephanie Peay and the Environment Agency. For information regarding the website or if you would like to add a project or other information to the website, please contact Buglife on info@​buglife.​org.​uk. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .