New guest blog on free radicals and trout migration

Yes, you read it correctly! Should I stay or should I go? is a fascinating new blog contribution from another early career researcher discussing how trout physiology may determine its ability to cope with migration.

If you take the occasional whirl around the Twittersphere and you like seeing the odd pic of brown trout, then you must surely follow Kim Birnie-Gauvin. Kim is currently a PhD student in the Section for Freshwater Fisheries and Ecology at DTU Aqua (Denmark), but completed her undergraduate degree in Animal Physiology at the University of Ottawa (Canada), and her M.Sc. in Biology at Carleton University (Canada). Her work has focused around brown trout migration. More specifically, she investigates the physiology of migration, and how fish respond to induced stressors, hence the title of her blog. Check it out, here.