New Farming Rules for Water

New rules come into force in England from April 2018, laying out how farmers should manage their land to protect inland waters. The eight rules lay out, for example, that manure should not be stored or applied on land within 10m of a river, that land within 5m of a river must be protected from livestock poaching and that feeders must not be placed within 10m of a river.

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The rules are to be policed by the Environment Agency, but crucial to that policing is that the Agency is informed of transgressions and that’s where those of us that spend lots of time on our rivers can help.

Get to learn the basic rules from the link above and contact the Agency on their Pollution Incident number 0800 80 70 60 if you see anything that seems not be playing by the rules.

The issue may not be an immediately significant pollution incident, but calling this number and getting the issue logged and reported is important evidence that can be used if the problem persists. 

soil erosion cattle feeder by a river

Playing by the rules ?