Mandatory Sea Trout Catch & Release on the Annan?

The Annan District Salmon Fishery Board and the River Annan Trust have posted a proposal with Scottish Government to introduce mandatory catch and release on net and rod-caught sea trout in the Annan District. Very little is known about the sea trout populations in the Solway though catch data indicate they are in steep decline. In this context, mandatory catch & release seems an appropriate conservation measure whilst that picture is made clearer and other work is ongoing to improve life for sea trout (e.g. habitat work in rivers). 

WTT members might like to offer support for the ADSFB and Annan Trust proposals by writing to Valarie Lusk, Marine Scotland — Performance, Aquaculture & Recreational Fisheries Division, Salmon and Recreational Fisheries Team, Scottish Government Area 1B-North, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ.

For more information on the sea trout lifecycle, click here

There is a video on how to carry out catch and release in the safest way on our wild trout fishing’ page, click here to view